Response to: CNN Article

It has been in the news recently for the last couple of days that many Christian families are having to flee from the Iraqi city of Mosul.  Reports this morning cite about 1,350 families have fled this city so far.  Fourteen Christians have been murdered here in the last two weeks because of their faith as the Muslim extremists threatening them have been putting actions to their words.

The reason this violence has come up is because the Christian community wanted to have a voice in their local government.  The Muslim extremists saw this as a threat to their way of life and turned violent.  The ironic part of that is that Christianity teaches it’s followers to submit to their government, except when it is direct conflict with Christian duties.

Stories like this should be a reminder to everyone the great gift we have in our freedom to worship here in America.  That we have a right to assemble and share our thoughts.  Evangelism in America does not happen by the sword, it happens through the sharing of our lives.  It happens when we share the love we’ve been given by God to those around us.

Please pray for these families in Iraq.

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