Whether or not it’s anyone’s business or that the general American cares about the ongoing spat between the Johnston’s and the Palin’s, there is one important thing to see in this.

Sarah Palin ran on the platform of family values.  When news came out that her daughter was pregnant, she was championed for supporting her daughter and Levi in jointly raising that kid.  That was until Bristol and Levi broke up.

Sarah Palin no longer seems to think having both parents involved in a child’s life is ideal, by keeping Levi from being able to see his son outside of the Palin residence.  The Johnston family may need a lawyer – let’s see: high powered Republican governor vs small time Alaskan family in court.

It’s enormously sad that someone who claims to be a leader in valuing families would take such a stance, and instead of acknowledging what’s going on, continues to release statements painting the Johnstons as Jerry Springer-esque, claiming they are just going on TV for money (they aren’t getting paid for any interviews).

It seems that Sarah is willing to champion family values for a vote, but not in her personal life.

Looks like we dodged a bullet in 2008.

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