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46 Children Freed From Prostitution in US

In all the talk right now about what the government isn’t doing right, let’s praise what they got right today.  They have recovered 46 children, ages 13 – 17, boys and girls from a prostitution ring and made hundreds of arrests in a three-day nationwide sting.

In Times of Great Tribulation

When times are hard.  When hope looks dim.  Just remember, this happened:

Liberals Hate Real Americans -Robin Hayes

A five term Republican Representative of North Carolina, Robin Hayes, told a crowd of McCain supporters today that “”Liberals hate real Americans that work and achieve and believe in God.”

Our Crisis is Nothing

These aren’t the best times in America.  Our economy is down, unemployment rates are up, and we’ve been in a war that most of the population no longer agrees with – even those who have been strong supporters.

100,000 show up for Obama in St. Louis

Obama rally in St. Louis

Obama rally in St. Louis