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Microsoft Patents Technology to Limit Your Freedoms

XO : First Impressions



McCain learns lesson about Net Neutrality from YouTube

It’s no secret that YouTube has become a major media source for our culture.  Any politician looking for a cheap medium for advertising would be foolish to ignore it’s wide user base.  So it comes as no surprise that political advertisements end up filling these tubes as well.

Bum Economy Good For Open Source

Thought I’d give a shout out to the CNET Article about how the economy going sour is good for Red Hat and good for Open Source.

What we need

Someone comes into #Fedora and asks how to get their wireless card working and don’t know their chipset.  You need to see the output of lspci.  Someone else comes into Fedora and can’t find out why their second hard drive isn’t showing up.  You need to see the output of dmesg.  The problem is, pasting these things into a high-volume IRC channel is not ideal.