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Firefox Minefield in Fedora 9 : Howto and Review

I am writing this post with Mozilla Firefox Minefield.  Minefield is like Firefox’s snapshot window to the future, and from all I can tell, it’s simply awesome.  I’m playing with 3.1b2pre at the moment.  All the rumors about it being faster… are generally true.

Microsoft Joins AMQP Group

Microsoft is joining in on the AMQP project, which is a messenger service to talk between servers.  There are already several linux groups involved, including Red Hat and Novell.  This will mean better interoperability between servers.

OLPC XO : Version 2

Windows XP on an OLPC XO

To those who’ve read the news, and knew this day was coming – Microsoft Windows XP is now available on OLPC XO.

JBoss on Fedora and CentOS

I’ve been looking at for a while and really would like to play with it, but there really doesn’t seem to be an easy way to get it all set up and going.  I have some Fedora machines and a CentOS 5 machine I would like to use it on, but would also like to make a way for these distros to have an easier time getting started.