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Happy Vote Day!

Just a friendly reminder that it’s November 4th.  Everyone get out and vote!  Vote like your health, income, and national security depend on it!

Who wins in a tie?

I feel like I’ve had a failure in my high school government class, but what happens if there’s a 269-269 tie between McCain and Obama?

Why I Don’t Like McCains Tax Plan

Here’s a quick list of reasons why I don’t like McCains tax plan:

Evangelicals are Trending Toward Obama

A new Pew Research poll suggest that more Evangelicals are moving toward supporting Obama and ‘mainstream’ protestants have already been favoring him.  This is the same demographic that went strongly for George W Bush in the last two elections.

Palin: Vice President In Charge of the Senate

Palin made her intentions as VP clear today while being interviewed by a third grader.  When asked what the role of a VP is she responded that the VP is in charge of the Senate and can go there and make a lot of changes.