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Reaction To Obama TV Spot

Barack Obama had a full half-hour spot on major networks tonight.  One major theme was clear throughout it:  Barack Obama wants you to know he feels the pain of families.

Obama takes lead in Indiana by 9 points ?!?

A Big Ten Poll shows Barack Obama is now in the lead in Indiana by 9 points.

Evangelicals are Trending Toward Obama

A new Pew Research poll suggest that more Evangelicals are moving toward supporting Obama and ‘mainstream’ protestants have already been favoring him.  This is the same demographic that went strongly for George W Bush in the last two elections.

Google’s CEO Endorses Obama!

Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt is will endorse Barack Obama tomorrow at a press conference!  He is doing so with the disclaimer that Google itself will officially be neutral.  It may not come as a surprise as Schmidt has been advises Obama unofficially when it comes to technology.

Wealth Redistribution and Socialism? Fair Tax?

McCain and Palin have been calling Obama’s tax plan as wealth re-distribution and both have even gone so far as to link it to socialism.  They commonly cite a small snippet from Obama’s talk with Joe the Plumber when he mentions the phrase “when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everyone.”