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How To Get Flash 9 Back in an RPM-based Distro

I posted a few days ago about my disappointments with flash 10, and I was hoping that it would just be a slight nuisance, but in fact it has been a common nuisance for me.  I decided to regress back to flash 9, but to my dismay adobe has no links to it and it’s apparently no longer in the repo.

Firefox Minefield in Fedora 9 : Howto and Review

I am writing this post with Mozilla Firefox Minefield.  Minefield is like Firefox’s snapshot window to the future, and from all I can tell, it’s simply awesome.  I’m playing with 3.1b2pre at the moment.  All the rumors about it being faster… are generally true.

BMW seeks Open Source Automotive Computing Platform

Open Source: It’s about choice and freedom

I just read a great article on on

Symbian Releases Source for Smart Phone OS

Symbian, in an effort to attract developers to its platform, has released the source to its operating system and is making if Free and Open Source, at a revenue loss of $300 million in annual license revenue.