Palin made her intentions as VP clear today while being interviewed by a third grader.  When asked what the role of a VP is she responded that the VP is in charge of the Senate and can go there and make a lot of changes.

The official role of a VP is to cast a tie-breaking vote in the event of a tie vote in the Senate.  Dick Cheney had a revolutionary concept of the vice president that his office is actually part of the legislative branch and used this to try to get past restrictions on the Executive branch (where a VP’s office has always been assumed until Cheney’s objections).

Palin’s spin takes this to a whole new level.  It is yet unclear if she is just grossly mistaken or if she really intends to try to run the Senate (the job of the Senate Majority leader, currently Democrat Harry Reid).

This means either one of two things:  We have someone who failed a basic high school Government class, or someone even more power hungry than Dick Cheney.

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