After getting everything setup for Crossover Games in Fedora 10 x86_64, the World of Warcraft installer from blizzard’s download site worked and worked well.  Much better than their old download system.  The DVDs still doesn’t work for me under wine or crossover office simply because the DVD thinks I’m running a mac and doesn’t show the Windows installer.

In the past I’ve used wine with World of Warcraft, and at least in my setup, World of Warcraft has almost consistently had noticeably less fps than when running it in Windows with the same hardware.  If I got 80fps while farming and 40fps in the city with Windows, I would get 60fps while farming, and 15-20fps in the city, so the difference at times was noticeable.  Also noticeable were the random shading problems, in part from using OpenGL mode.

That being said, Crossover Games has done a very good job with World of Warcraft.  I didn’t have to tweak any settings or do any mode adjusting.  The performance is very solid, and is now at the stage where on my hardware, fps is on par with Windows.  The graphics were the best part so far.  No hesitation or glitches while running my nVidia GeForce 8400GS.

The sound was generally good, but was occasionally choppy.  In fairness, I’m not sure what the added complexity of pulse audio adds to the mix, but this was only an occasional thing and sound effects and game music seemed to work well, even on my 7.1 surround system.

In conclusion, if were ever in a place where you needed to decide whether or not to buy or even install a copy of Windows simply for the sake of needing good WoW support, I recommend heading over to Codeweavers and getting Crossover Games instead.



Crossover Games + World of Warcraft seems to be severely broken in Fedora 11.  However, wine seems to be working just fine in the new Fedora version.

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