It’s unnatural, it’s unethical, and it’s just plain wrong.  Why would anyone want to support an end of life version.  There are three reasons why:

#1 : Despite the fact that updates have ceased, there are situations where the end user might not have an internet facing machine or has backported their own updates, and has self-maintained their system and did not see upgrades as worth the time because after all, the machine is still sitting there working.

#2 : One of the biggest reasons I started using Fedora was that I had just bought a new machine and was annoyed that if I put Windows on it, there were restrictions about what I could or could not do with my own machine.  Fedora allowed me the freedom to do whatever I wanted with my own machine.  I can respect if someone really liked FC5 in a way that other versions failed to grab them.  After all, it’s their machine and their freedom to accept the risks of an end of life OS.

#3 : Because there may be community members willing to help those with EOL versions.

I have registered a new channel on freenode, #Fedora-EOL.  Anyone who wants support for an end of life version of Fedora or wants to help out is welcome.  This is just a support channel.  I am not backporting packages or trying to revive Fedora-Legacy or start a new debate about Fedora LTS.  This is solely a medium for community support for a left out demographic.

Helpers welcome!!

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