NOTE:  Do Not Use these packages anymore. Fedora 12 will ship with the new drivers and include mesa-lib-drm-experimental.  Use the official packages instead!

This may void your warranty!

In Fedora 11, newer Radeon HD cards don’t get a lot of love.  The open source drivers only support 2d on the HD 3000 series and the HD 4000 series are out of luck.  To bring further agony, ATI’s proprietary fglrx driver doesn’t work in Fedora 11 since they haven’t fixed their driver to work with newer kernels.

In April, ATI released the specs of these chipsets to the open source community and X.Org has been hard at work.  The support for these cards remains experimental to date, and this branch has not yet been implemented in Fedora.

This evening, I compiled the source for the experimental branch which offers 3d support for these newer model Radeon HD series cards.  I emphasize experimental, and I make no claims about how awesome the drivers are.

Also, because it overwrites two kernel modules (radeon.ko and drm.ko) it conflicts with the kernel package, so you must use –replacefiles in rpm to install it. (This problem has been fixed).  After this is done, the mesa rpm, compiled against the experimental branch, installs with no problem.  And glxgears worked for me after :-).

I have the source, specs, and compiled RPMs for i586 and x86_64 at http://vwbusguy.fedorapeople.org/radeon-r6xx-r7xx/f11/.

You will need both the driver and the mesa package to enjoy all the 3d stuffs.  Again, experimental – use at your own risk.

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