Screenshot-Raindrop Inflow - Mozilla Firefox

A few months ago, Google rocked our world with its presentation of Google Wave.  The idea of sharing conversations, and integrating with all of the social networking utilities we use, into one web page grabbed a lot of attention.

Now it’s Mozilla’s turn to awe and impress.  Raindrop, appears to attempt what Google Wave is trying to do.  It integrates with your online accounts, such as email, twitter, facebook, Skype, etc, into one web page, and organizes them into conversations.

Granted Raindrop is in heavy development and doesn’t have near the robustness of Wave yet, but setting up a Raindrop server is also much easier than a Wave server, for those of us who are still waiting for a Wave invite.

It’s also, in Mozilla fashion, open source.  Setting it up was a moderate difficulty.  I did it in a VM to be safe, and used the check-raindrop.py –configure option which mostly worked well and considering it basically just adds python modules, seems pretty harmless.

The end result being that you a browser (webkit or mozilla-based recommended) to a local address where all of your accounts get aggregated to.  So you see your email, twitter, skype, etc as a news feed, like conversations.  Pretty cool.

The instructions to set it up are on mozilla’s site.  Because it’s under heavy development, your mileage may vary, but seems to work pretty well here.  The above is a sanitized screenshot I took of it after getting it setup.

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