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Barack Obama’s transitional website,, just change it’s website licensing to a Creative Commons Attribution v3 license from the previous “All rights reserved.”

Eagle Eye : A Pitch to Open Source?


46 Children Freed From Prostitution in US

In all the talk right now about what the government isn’t doing right, let’s praise what they got right today.  They have recovered 46 children, ages 13 – 17, boys and girls from a prostitution ring and made hundreds of arrests in a three-day nationwide sting.

The Alien, The Fatherless, and The Widow

I’m am equally disturbed by these events and at the same time absolutely thrilled by the Church’s response to a Federal raid on a farming facility in Iowa.  We need to stand up for those who have no voice, and stand up for families that are threatened.  we need to be the voice that stops this injustice in our government, and set sane standards, and actually follow them.