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New Domain, Old Content, New Platform

After many years of going idle, I've decided to retire my old account.  It's not that I've been idle from the internet or coding projects over the past couple of years.  Rather, my online presence shifted and became more nuanced.  My old blog covered too wide of a scope.  It generated great traffic for tech involvement and opinions, and much less for other topics.  As such, instead of trying to keep it all in one area, I've been in the process of decentralizing.

Fedora at SCaLE 11x

Once again the So Cal Linux Expo is upon us!  This marks my fourth consecutive year in attendance, and it has had steady growth through that time.

More cputemp love!

Since the recent release of cputemp 1.0 (and subsequent minor release), there’s been an influx of downloads and comments on it, including a post by Phoronix and Softpedia.  While user comments have revealed a few regressions during the code rewrite that didn’t show up on my hardware, they were easy to patch for version 1.0.1 and expect another new minor release soon to add more hardware support.

cputemp 1.0 is finally here

cputemp screenshot

How to install Linux without a CD or USB stick

There are may reason why someone may not want to or be able to use a USB stick, CD, or DVD to install a Linux distribution (no CDs laying around, and your mobo won’t boot to USB, or your just don’t feel like it, cool.)  Luckily, you can easily install Linux without needing either.  I will, naturally, be using Fedora as an example, and giving a guide for both users currently running Linux or Windows.