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Fedora at SCaLE 17x - Day 1 - Setting up

Fedora is at the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo in Pasadena, CA!  ParadoxGuitarist and myself (vwbusguy) came early and got the booth setup.  The exhibition hall doesn't open until tomorrow, but we attended talks, connected with conference regulars, and talked about what's new in Fedora during our hallway conversations. 

New Domain, Old Content, New Platform

After many years of going idle, I've decided to retire my old account.  It's not that I've been idle from the internet or coding projects over the past couple of years.  Rather, my online presence shifted and became more nuanced.  My old blog covered too wide of a scope.  It generated great traffic for tech involvement and opinions, and much less for other topics.  As such, instead of trying to keep it all in one area, I've been in the process of decentralizing.