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Fedora at SCaLE 17x - Day 1 - Setting up

Fedora is at the 17th annual Southern California Linux Expo in Pasadena, CA!  ParadoxGuitarist and myself (vwbusguy) came early and got the booth setup.  The exhibition hall doesn't open until tomorrow, but we attended talks, connected with conference regulars, and talked about what's new in Fedora during our hallway conversations. 

Fedora at SCaLE 11x

Once again the So Cal Linux Expo is upon us!  This marks my fourth consecutive year in attendance, and it has had steady growth through that time.

SCaLE 9x Day 1: Fedora Activity Day

The first day of the Southern California Linux Expo has gone pretty well.  While the network still suffered, it was usable for most of the day.  This is partly helped by there being two wifi broadcasts on both 2.4 and 5 GHz.  The turnout seems pretty high so far, but the atmosphere doesn’t seem as crowded as it did last year.  This in in large part to the relocation of the event across the street to the Hilton from the Westin.

SCaLE Day 2: Fun at the Fedora and Red Hat booths

SCaLE 2010 – the penguin heads south for the winter.

This is the first of a series of blog posts. I will be updating this through the event.